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Sewing Lessons 


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The following videos were recorded by Carrie on her digital camera

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It is important to use the right needle for hand sewing.

Needles were designed with different hole sizes according to the type of sewing that you are doing and come in different lengths as well as thickness. I prefer using a hand embroidery needle because it is thinner and longer in size. It works best for me. You may prefer a different type and size that works best for your hands.


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Here is a good online Needle Guide from

Sewing Machine Needle Guide

Hand Sewing Stitches Guide



Let's thread a needle and make a knot

Sorry about the messy boxes in the background. This video was a test to work with lighting, the camera angle and sound. I decided to keep the video and post it because it made me laugh watching myself with my silly expressions and comments.  I hope you can make better thread knots than what I did!







Let's Clean Our Sewing Machine




Remember to NEVER blow into your bobbin case!  It will compact your lint and dust, pushing it INTO your sewing machine. Do not use canned air either. I worked for a major sewing machine company and we were told that blowing into your bobbin case also adds moisture from your mouth into the machine.

So use your lint brush and use a pair of tweezers. I have used cotton swabs before but be careful that you do not get it caught on anything inside your machine. A nylon brush is best!


It was summertime when I did this quick video. It turned out funny and I said what you needed to hear so I am putting this video out there. SMILE!


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